Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Secret Peeps are Getting Very Very Brave ...

Had a delivery in the middle of the afternoon right onto my front step, while I was in the house!! Went to walk past my front door and sitting on my step is a big basket full of great stuff!!!!!!! I don't know who you are Secret Peeps, but you have excellent taste!!!!! Attached to the top of the basket with a huge clothes pin was a note that said "Laundry is not fun but you are" Inside there was great smelling Tide (vanilla and lavendar mmmmmmmm), Bounce (that also smells good), a few laundry helpers, clothes pins, dish towels and cloths. There were also several packages wrapped in tea towels .... these wonderful people gave me the most beautiful dress that is so comfortable on!! A Nike t-shirt (never ever had one of those before), underwear and some great socks, along with 5 more of these fantastic huge clothes pins (I already have some ideas for these awesome things)

This picture of course does not do these clothes justice. The dress is so beautiful!!

I have said this before, but have to again .... my secret peeps really are the bestest .... I don't have a clue how I am ever going to thank them once I get this all figured out!!!!!

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