Friday, July 17, 2009

My Secret "Peeps" Have Struck Again!! Or ....

Maybe I should say "stuck" again!!! Today (July 17) I found a bag hanging from my mailbox. They were up pretty early because it was there before 8 am :). Anyway, inside was a box full of 'things that stick'!!! There was the cutest card with a parrot on the front, (this is the second use of birds ... a clue??? lol) and the letter inside asking if I had figured out who they are yet or if I am "stuck". They are not only AWESOME, but they are pretty witty too :)

Inside the box was all kinds of glues and adhesives, along with some sticker type things ..... The whole box ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have ya ever seen so much 'stuff ya stick with'???

Isn't he a cute little bird??? Hmmmmmmmm Birds of a Feather?????

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