Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ooooooooh Secret Admirers ..... You Are Awesome!!!!!!!

My secret admirers struck again this weekend. We found this package in the backyard when we got home from the lake tonight!!!! This time they have all written something to me .... I have studied the note and studied the note. Some writing looks familiar and then it doesn't, I have to admit though, I am not really good at recognizing handwriting :(. Anyway, this cute little gift bag, along with the note also contained a tin box with a Michaels Gift Card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You so much Secret Admirers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL figure out who you are!! lol

I had to post a picture of all the goodies I bought at Michaels with my Gift Card!!!!!
I bought paper and paper :), 3 photo boxes, some cool primas and 3 little notebooks that I couldn't resist!!!

Thanks Secret Peeps!!!!!!!!!! Was fun shopping!!!!!

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