Sunday, August 9, 2009

Secret Peeps Struck Again!!!

I'm a little behind here, been a busy time for the past little bit. Keegan and I headed up to the lake on July 28, and while I was packing the van I found a package in the front seat of my van. Very cool delivery!! A very nice nightgown, cats puzzle, cat car magnet (which is on my fridge cause I don't want to lose it), some very cool spa socks, gum and 2 scrapbook organizer plastic envelope things!!! YES, I am spoiled ROTTEN!!!

Then, this morning, August 9, I was spoiled rotten again. I went to open the front door and through my window saw a wonderful gift bag on my front walk :) Sneaky aren't they??? Anyway, The letter with this package is the song "My Favorite Things" and a note attached to that tells me the package contains a few of my favorite things ..... AND IT DOES!!!
Inside was a beautiful housecoat, scrapbook stuff galore, the cutest little notebook and a bath set with lotion, bath gel etc, that smells very very yummy :).
Alas, though, no hints this time ..... although I seriously have my theories and will see if I am right eventually :)

Thanks Secret Peeps ....... YOU ROCK!!!!!

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