Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trip to Candle Lake

The last time I blogged I posted about receiving a Timmy's Gift Card in the mail that morning from my secret admirers. Keegan was quite thrilled with this, as I told him that he could have his first Ice Cap on the way to the lake. I, of course had to take pictures of him enjoying his drink courtesy of my secret admirers :)

So, we had a wonderful weekend at the lake. I scrapbooked teacher gifts and cards, read my new magazines :), fished (Trevor and Brian caught fish, Keegan and I were skunked!), canoed (finding some forgotten muscles ouch), had a campfire with some great friends and basically just enjoyed some family time at the lake.
Candle Lake is so beautiful. I took this one from the canoe.
Keegan's catch of the day was fishing line and a hook :)
Even after all the years going to Candle Lake, I still have to take pictures of deer whenever I see them :)
This is my brother Trevor with his catch of the day. I was too busy with the net and getting Brian's fish off the hook and onto the chain, I didn't get a picture of his lol.

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