Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My "Secret Admirers" :)

Well, it seems I have some secret admirers :) Gotta tell ya, whoever they are THEY ROCK!!! It is driving me crazy trying to figure it out, but I am feeling very spoiled and very special :)

First, on the 12th, I received an awesome fruit basket from Blossoms Florists. It had some awesome stuff in it :) It was signed "Have a wonderful day Love your secret admirer" The basket was so full of all sorts of things and the chocolate .... oh the chocolate was soooooooo good :) Of course the fruit and everything else was too lol.

Then on Saturday, the 13th, Keegan found a package in one of our outside chairs. It was wrapped in Christmas paper and the note was "We wish you a merry weekend, We wish you a merry weekend, We wish you a merry weekend and a whole lot of fun. From your secret admirers" Inside the package was an awesome scrapbook kit from Colorbok, which is great stuff :) I have plans for some of it already :) Keegan is so into the mystery it is too funny. I was quite a proud scrappin Mommy when, as I was taking pictures, he said "Mom you need to scrapbook this" lol.

Tonight June 16, Keegan and I were at his school, then on errands and Brian went to the library to clean up a very high fine (but that's a whole 'nother blog lol). Brian went into the backyard and almost sat on this wonderful gift bag full of awesome surprises! The note says "The word on the wire is ..... You're going away this weekend! Enjoy this fun pack! Love your PEEPS (secret admirers!!!!!!!!!) Inside this bag was another scrapbook kit which is fantastic! Three magazines ... Canadian Scrapbooker, which is one of my faves, Scrapbooks Etc, another fave and Crafts and Things which is a crafting fave for all kinds of stuff!! There was also this really cool kit I have never seen before .... it is called Freeze Squeeze ... 8 tubes of different flavored liquid, you add alcohol, shake, freeze and enjoy :) Some yummy yummy flavors in there too!!! Then there was also Bits and Bites, beef jerky, gum, spitz and Nibs :) Keegan is all excited about some of that stuff!!! lol.

Anyway, I am feeling so thankful and so very special and I can't wait to find out who has been pampering me :) Thanks Secret Admirers!!!!!!!

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