Saturday, June 27, 2009

Secret Admirers Strike Again!!!!!!!

Ok, this afternoon I went to get into my van and found another delivery on the driver's seat!! Guess I should forget to lock my doors more often?? lol.

Anyway, 2 gift bags with the coolest stuff inside!!! My secret admirers ROCK (have I mentioned that before???) lol.

Today's delivery was all about the letter "T"

Anyway, bag #1 had a note attached asking if I thought they had forgotten about me lol .... inside were these very cool monogrammed file folders (I really want to know where they shop!!), some fuzzy chipboard letters and some very yummy sounding tea!!

Bag #2 had a note attached saying it was something to put my "T" into ... 2 awesome cat themed mugs .... one says cat lover, the other says "If Cats could talk they would lie to you"

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You so much Secret Admirers YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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