Thursday, February 27, 2014

Well, I didn't make it to round 3 of the tournament, but I really was not surprised.  I struggled with the challenge #2 and really was not happy with my layout.  Of course I came up with ideas too late .... it is all good though, I am still going to play along and do the challenges, they have set up an area where we can upload our layouts, for those of us that have already been voted off the island :)   There are 3 Canucks left in the scrapbooking category and 1 left in the card category.  These women are so talented!  I am lucky enough to know Dawn, who is the sole competitor in the card category and she is so amazingly talented, I want to be her when I grow up ;)  heehee 

I have to admit Challenge #3 would have kept me up at night lol.  It is all about doodling ... I have NEVER doodled on a layout!! 

Here's the details:
Make a scrapbooking layout with lots and lots of doodling on it. 
- One.
- Format 30,4 x 30,4 cm (12x12 inch) 
- Minimum 4 photos
- No photo’s with people (foreground or background) or parts of people on them.  
- You will have to add doodling ON 2 of the photos. (exactly 2 no more no less)
- Add a handwriten/doodled title directly on the layout
- Add a handwritten journal of minimum 20 words directly on the layout.
- All doodling must be hand doodled!
Not to be used:
- Flowers in any form. So no flowers on your LO. Including your papers and photos and doodling. You can't even doodle flowers on your layout. You can doodle anything else.
- Alphabet stickers, alpha thickers, diecut, punched alpha, handcut alpha, stamped alpha, punched alpha, alphabet using a stencil or any other alphabet embellishment.
Allowed:- Cutting machines and punches are allowed except for alphabets and flowers.

Some layouts have already been posted and WOWSERS, there are some seriously amazingly talented people in this competition. 

Entering the scrapbook tournament was huge for me.  I have never done anything like that before and it was a hard step for me to take, I am pretty critical of my projects.  I am so glad I entered and making it to round #2 was such a confidence boost :)

Have a few projects on the go, making something special for my full time daycare kidlets :)  Need to get cracking on them :)  Will post pictures as soon as I get them going :)

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