Friday, July 20, 2007

Walking the Trails at Beaver Creek

This summer is going by way too fast, but it has been a good one so far!!
This past week, we managed to get out to Beaver Creek twice :) If you have never visited Beaver Creek, you are really missing out!! The staff in the conservation building are fantastic, and the trails are well taken care of and absolutely beautiful!!
On Sunday we walked the 1 km Yellow trail. It was great as it curved around with the creek far below. We did see a deer, although didn't manage to get a picture of it. The sound of the birds and other wildlide is so relaxing as you walk along the trail. Back at the building, Keegan even got to do some fish painting. There were a couple of other kids and they all seemed to enjoy themselves.

Wednesday night, my Dad went out to Beaver Creek with us. When we got back to the building after taking the yellow trail again, the staff told us there was some beaver activity on one of the other trails. One of the staff was on the trail and had contacted the staff at the building. We went out this trail where she was waiting for us and she took us to where we would get the best view. It was so amazing!! We were watching the beaver and it had disappeared from view, so as we were watching down the hill for it to appear again, Brian realized something was in the brush right beside him. Suddenly the beaver appeared not 10 feet from where we were standing and walked right past and up into the brush to get a young aspen branch. Then it lumbered back down the hill and into the water. I managed to get a picture of it's tail as it went back down (I really need a fancy digital hint hint hint). We stood and watched it in the water eating, then as two more beaver came around. It was really an awesome show they put on for us!!! We also saw a deer and a hawk, who was busy being chased by the smaller birds whose nest he'd gotten too close to. Keegan LOVED every minute of it, and so did the rest of us :) I really was thankful the staff had done this for us!! They go above and beyond and it is well appreciated!!! We love going out to Beaver Creek and you will be finding many more posts about that wonderful place!!!

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