Thursday, June 21, 2007

Our trip to the Forestry Farm

Once again, Keegan didn't have school a couple of Fridays ago. So, I packed up him and my one daycare child for that day and off we went to the Forestry Farm. We LOVE the Forestry Farm, and are going to going there alot this summer thanks to buying a yearly pass :) The kids all love to go down by the pond, take all my quarters and feed the ducks and geese :) We learned a valuable lesson on this particular trip though ..... when feeding geese and gosslings, pay attention to a couple of things: 1) don't run out of quarters, therefore running out of food and 2) watch where the geese are, and make sure they are not surrounding your little group! There we were, minding our own business, feeding the geese and suddenly one starts to spit as the food supply runs low. I turn to lead the kids away and there's a spitting goose on that side too. Hmmmmm I'm thinking, "Geese don't like meat do they???". We find an opening, and make a break for it, slowly of course so we don't spook anyone lol. Then we went over to the bench sat down and the kids had a snack while we watched the different birds. Soon the geese were eating the kid's rice cakes and really enjoying them. A beautiful peacock came over and started to eat also. I have never been this close to a peacock before, and the camera was well used :) Don't the gosslings look like they would be so soft to cuddle?? :)

We are heading back to the Forestry Farm today, more pictures to post I am sure :)

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Auntie Smeech said...

Hi, I am so happy to read your new posts! Love the photos! Auntie Smeech