Thursday, June 21, 2007

Great Fun at the 2007 Osler Sports Days!

Last Saturday Keegan and I headed for Osler first thing in the morning for their sports days! Got there in time for the pancake breakfast, which Keegan REALLY enjoyed. lol We hung out for awhile, then headed out to get ready for the parade. Keegan was so pumped as he got to ride on the Creative Wood float!! Brian's brothers own Creative Wood in Osler, and they are celebrating their 20th year as a registered business this year!!! WTG guys!!
Keegan had a BLAST riding the float and throwing candy to all the kids. He kept hitting the back of Randy and Jaquie's truck though, so we're hoping the bill isn't too high lol :).

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with family and enjoying the sun and activities out in Osler! They really put on a fantastic event!! One of the events happening that day was something this city kid had only heard of before :) I seriously thought it was something the 'country folk' only told us they did to play with our minds ..... That's right ..... the COW PADDY BINGO!!! Of course I had to buy some squares and then I sat along with probably 40 other people waiting for the 'big' moment ..... yup, I, city kid, waited and watched for a cow to poop!!! Being the camera obsessed person I am, I even took pictures (NO not of the cow pooping!!) lol

Keegan also had a first out in Osler. He had never petted or ridden a horse before!! After the parade as we waited while prizes were handed out, the people next to us were on horses. I don't remember their names, but they were so awesome! They let the kids pet the horses (and me lol) and even tried to get Keegan into the saddle for a photo op. Keegan got pretty spooked as the horse was quite big, and that photo op didn't happen, but got one of him petting his first horse :)
Then, in kidsville, he did go for a pony ride. The people with the ponies (once again, I don't remember their names) were amazing!! Keegan was pretty spooked, so the woman walked beside his horse talking to him the whole time!! Keegan ended up LOVING it :)

Then it was back to the hall, where I won an awesome BINGO prize :) Thanks Cheryl :) And to finish off our stay at the Sports Days, they had an early Birthday Party for Canada!!
There was more happening that evening, but for Keegan and I it was time to get back on the highway and head home!! Thanks for the awesome day!!!

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