Friday, May 4, 2007

It Has Been So Crazy!!

We have been crazy busy lately here! Haven't even gotten out for many walks, which I am really missing! Keegan is in the Saskatoon Boy's Choir and they are getting ready for their big Spring Recital on Sunday and then he goes on stage with his play at school next week. He's excited, but seeming overwhelmed right now with all the lines and songs running full-speed through his head!
Yesterday, the Boy's Choir went "on tour", and I helped as a driver. This was a benefit to me also, as then I got to go along and take lots of pictures :) The boys went to the Saskatoon Convalescent Home, Mayfair School and the Sherbrooke Community Centre. The people at each place were so welcoming of the choir and the boys did a great job!!

This is Keegan in his Choir clothes :)

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