Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Grasslands Walk April 22, 2007

We headed out to the Grasslands again on Sunday. This time we dragged along our dear friend Annette :) We headed out a different trail, and as we came over a small hill there were crocus' as far as you could see, it was gorgeous! We walked for about two hours through there, including down a hill into the ravine and up the hill on the other side twice :) I admit it, walking down hills and across bridges are two of my biggest fears. I managed to get down the hills on Sunday and was a happy camper! Going back up the second hill, I hit some wet clay and took a bit of a slide and fall, but Brian saved me :) I was pretty glad I was holding the camera, didn't need pictures of that!! The camera got a little clay covered, but still worked like a charm, so all is good :) The area we went into this time had signs of high beaver activity and was a very interesting walk, with lots to look at and talk about. This area is beautiful, and there are so many trails! I really need to start remembering my pedometer on these walks though!!

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