Saturday, March 8, 2014

Wow!!  This week's challenge for the Supreme Scrap Tournament is a wild one!!  Check out these requirements!!
double page layout
Size layout:
2 pages of 30,4 x 30,4 cm (12 x 12 inch)
- eight or more
- no duplicate photo's
You must make:-  Make hidden elements on your pages. Minimum of three
-  The hidden part of the elements should not be visible at first sight! It needs opening before we can see the hidden inside.
-  Size of the elements is free
-  Place of the elements on the pages is free
-  Type of the elements is free. The three hidden elements may be of the same type. But you can use 2, 3 or more different elements. Your choice.
-  Think of flaps that can open, elements that can turn, secret elements that you have to pull out of their hiding place.
-  It is ok if a pulling mechanism is visible. Such as a piece of paper, a fiber or ribbon, a brad used for turning a wheel.
Not to be used:
- All kinds of ink (including spray ink and misting ink)
- No paint of any sort
- No stamps
- No gesso
- No chalk
Materials, embellishments:
Enter your project:
- Add a photo of your layout pages with the secrets hidden.
- And add a detailed photo of each hidden element when it is opened.
- so add a minimum of 4 photos!
- enter your photo's in your thread before the deadline: Sunday, March 16, 21.00 CET
please add an link to your blog. We love reading it.
- TIP: If you enter early we have the chance to look at it before the deadline and check if you meet all the requirements and there would be time to change things if necessary

I am again, going to play along for fun, I think lol  They said as the contest wound down and the number of contestants was shrinking, that the challenges were going to get harder .... WOW!!  Good Luck to TEAM CANADA!!!!

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